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The Little A-Z: A Companion for First-Time Mothers

Are you a new mother or father, tired of surfing hundreds of blogs and chat sites to find concise advice on topics ranging from diaper rash creams to travel cribs? Wish your mother could recall your grandmother’s remedy for easing a baby’s gas? Feeling overwhelmed by being a new parent, and in search of some wellness tips to improve your personal positivity, sleep and relationship with your partner? 

You need no longer spend countless, agonizing hours reading parenting and baby chat sites, overwhelmed and confused by the diversity of advice offered. Look no further than The Little A to Z: A Companion for First-Time Mothers and their Partners

For the first time in parenting literature, this pocket-sized book pulls together a multitude of topics related to parenthood to give you a curated and wholistic treasure trove of information. The Little A to Z assumes that medical issues for you and your baby are not to be treated in isolation to personal well-being, relationship and going-back-to-work issues. 

By using an alphabetic tab system, information is literally at your fingertips; and with blank sections at the end of each alphabet chapter, you are invited to record your own tips and tricks of the trade as you develop confidence in your abilities as a parent. The Little A to Z makes you feel like your mother, best friend, counselor and work advisor are right beside you, coaching you in the initial 18-24 months of parenthood.